LOVE Xterra races!
I was super excited for McDowell cause I love the trails out there…. 
and I got to run on parts of it I have never ran on!
I woke up Saturday with a “headcold”
Skipped my long bike ride and short run.
Stayed in bed and read all day =D
#finallyfinished #thenightcircus #lovedit
I knew going into this race it was going to be tough one since I didn’t feel 100%
I thought maybe it would help the sickness… It DID! =D
Sunday morning got my butt outta bed and headed out to the trails with friends!
WE look ready… well other than looking sleepy still!!
The race was good. 
I only had one mile under 10mm & that is when I fell!
YEP. I FELL. Duhhhhh.
I finished in 2:26
2nd AG – 28th female
Not bad… 
I originally (before I got sick) wanted to be around 2:10ish 
My readjusted goal was under 2:30 and I did that!
I love to show off my bloody knee!

This race I broke up into 3 parts. 
Five miles at a time.
First 5 were awesome.
I felt good going out and was prepared for the suckfest.
 It’s always better when you know it’s going to suck, right? I think so.
Next 5 were HARD.
Runny nose.
Kept repeating my motto, “I feel good, I feel great,” it keeps my mind from saying FU legs.
Hahaha 10 miles in, going down hill a bit to fast, lost my footing… BAM.
Knee and left hand bleeding!
 I saved one hand thanks to my trusty water bottle! 🙂
Last 5… 
I found some awesome pacers! 
Stuck to them until the last mile and pushed my butt in front to finish strong. 
Not the bestest time but not bad for this gal.
9:41 pace on the trails is good for me!
Love this group. 
I have pretty awesome friends!


Later that night I noticed my leg hurting… so I checked it out.
HEHEHE Good job Mandi!!

4 thoughts on “Xterra McDowell Mtn Race Recap

  1. AMAZING!! Congrats on the great race! I hope that leg heals quickly. Road rash sucks. Major. Aloe helps if you can find a plant.

  2. That would be a smoking pace for me on trails, nice job! And I’m excited to hear you liked The Night Circus…I bought it as a Christmas gift for someone, never gave it, didn’t return it in time, and now it’s waiting for me to pick it up. It may have just moved up in line. 🙂

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