Love Xterra.
I of course just ran the Torchlight 5k the night before… 
PRed & got 3rd overall woman!
After the 5k I stopped for a bean & cheese burrito! 
Came home & crashed! 
Sunday morning came fast but I was ready! 
I felt pretty good about this race. 
I knew the course from last year & I knew I was better trained.
I was ready to kick that 2,838 ft in elevation gain! 
First mile was awesome, legs felt a little sleepy but I pulled out an 8:06 pace, which put me around a good group of pacers… the trails are pretty much single track after the first .25 miles so I went a little harder than I planed to go the entire way so I wouldn’t get stuck behind the slower group.
About mile 2.26 I saw a girl who had fallen… she couldn’t stand up so thankfully I had my phone. #ialwaysrunwithitnow
I called the race crew Sue & told her about the girl… in all I stood there for about 10 minutes
 Watching people fly by… #itwasSOhardforme BUT I KNOW that race karma is better than a race PR. We are out there having fun… helping each other should not even be a question. 
After the short stop I started my Garmin back up and headed out to beat last years time. 
I felt awesome pretty much the entire race. 
My legs were a little heavy from running the 5k the night before but not bad! 
The fun part of the course are the TWO water crossings! This one is about a mile or so from the finish line…
I was thinkin’…
Ain’t NOBODY got time for dis!
The last couple miles right before that water crossing my ankle decided it was tired and started to cramp a little… but nothing too bad! I made it in with an official time of…
And a Garmin time of 
5th in my AG and a PR of 10 minutes over last year! #yay
Being blown into my baby gurl Erin! 
She was out volunteering all day, I LOVE THE VOLUNTEERS!!!
Jake and I checking out our AMAZING results! 😉

Best part about Xterra races… 

Me photo bombing HOLLY’s 2nd place AG award… 
She missed it cause she was out getting a beer! #badgirl
year results are in and I got third in my age group!
It was fun, who knows… maybe next year I will do all four races! 

Next up… Vistancia!

5 thoughts on “Xterra Black Canyon 13.1 Trail Run

    I am so proud of you for carrying your phone!!! I bag on my running and cycling friends all the time!! I can’t believe how many of them don’t carry their phone!
    You are amazing for staying with that girl!! It probably meant the world to her!
    Now that I know someone that does these races I am gonna have to grow a pair and get on with some trail running 🙂
    What shoes do you wear?

    • I have the Saucony Xodus… since I don’t trail too often they are no longer for sale… I have been looking a new pair, the Saucony Peregine

  2. next year I will be an oldie 🙁 Thanks for making sure that girl was OK and helping her. You are such a great person (and funny too).

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