I learned a few new important things this race…

One being what lurks outside in the swampy areas in the am and two, what lurks in the warm waters!!

Stepping out of the car early am I was SWARMED with mosquitos!! Ekkkkkkk, I FORGOT BUG SPRAY!!

So I spent the next hour swatting myself until finally I racked Rosalita and our amazing new best friend next to us offered us some bug spray. WHAT A LIFE SAVER!! Too bad I had already gotten eaten 😛

(you will learn about what lurks in the waters later on)


This race was set up beautifully! I really love and appreciate the amazing events that the Miami Triathlon groups put on.

Not only do I get to race in paradise these companies are putting some legit races on! I’m seriously impressed!!


THE SWIM .25 MILES: 9:33 (1:50something pace)

This was a great swim for me; not because it was ‘fast’ but I felt amazing and I drafted!! WOOOHOOOOOO

The water was so warm and it was perfectly calm, basically swimming in a ocean pool! I loved every min of it 🙂

By no time I was hitting sand with my hands, standing up and heading towards Rosalita!!


T1: 51 seconds

THE BIKE 10 MILES: 28:29 (21.1 mph)


My fastest bike EVER. Holy cow did this feel hard and amazing at the same time. I went out thinking okay Mandi just push as hard as you can… if the run sucks who cares, you need a fast bike time. Keep up with the big girls. And. I. DID! =D

T2: 58 seconds

(horrible transition… ummm I forgot what tree I was under and wasted quite a bit time looking around… rookie mistake here)

THE RUN 3.1 MILES: 24:02 (7:45 m/m)


The run. One thing they don’t tell you about in Florida is sand. BUT let me tell you I am assuming from now on there will be running in the sand at some point during the run. That’s just how it is around these parts I guess.

THE FINISH 1:03.53

1st Age Group & 6th woman overall


CINCO DE MAYO themed Podium!?! #heckeffinyeaaaa


And I TU. #oops #blowuporthrowup sucks. Not doing that no more. #PRorER =D

SOOOOO, you are wondering now… what is lurking in the warm waters of South Florida?!?!


What is sea lice? Baby jellyfish stings… they are mostly around April-August when the waters are the warmest.

How to avoid ‘Sea Lice’? Well you could just stay out of the water… we all know that is NOT an option so I have heard that vaseline will do the trick! It lubes your skin up so the baby stingers will be more likely to miss you 🙂 YAY! I went out and bought some right away.

After the event I went home… took a shower and thought to myself, DAMN those misquotes got me.

Went to work and I was then told about sea lice… never hear of it before this! But they are basically just bug bites. Nothing you can do other than try to get them to stop itching and wait for them to go away. (which took about 1.5 weeks)


Beto & I at the finish! Got to finally meet a Miami IG friend!! =D

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