This was a super fun and well organized event!
Also, it was my first 70 miles!
My team signed up to ride for Miracles in Motion for Phoenix Children’s Hospital.
It was super cool getting to ride for a cause and think of the little guy, Ty, we were riding for as we went along. 

I went to packet pick up Friday and was happy to see that I had a pretty darn lucky number!

I knew it would be a good ride!
Saturday morning, bright and EARLY, start time was 6:15am, we headed out to Mesa! 
And took our spot in the portapottyline! hahaha
This is the second “tour” I have done, my first one being Tour de Scottsdale, I have to say I enjoy them! I like just going out and not “racing” but still pushing more than I would normally? #maybeialwayspushalittlemoreinagroup 🙂 
I was super good about my nutrition and took my gels/chews right on time and felt pretty darn good the entire time! Unlike my “epic” ride where at the end I was so pissy I could have punched someone!
Calories are important in riding… lesson learned the first time! Woo-woot!
The only thing about this ride I didn’t like was how many crashes we saw!
Thank goodness we did not crash but I swear before mile 25 we saw at least 5 or 6 people down.
Scary stuff!! Makes you remember to be SUPER careful when you are riding with people you are not used to… never know what will happen.

The day was beautiful and really never got HOT. Thank goodness!

Around mile 50 we got to take a nice long climb…
By the time we were done… my legs felt it!! 
We finished in just under 4 hours! 
3:59.34, an average speed of 17.6 mphs! 
#mygoal #yay
#mycyclinglegsarecominaround #icanfeelit
Thank goodness for friends that like pain… cause it helps to have all the support you can get! 
Erin is my rock!
She is so strong and I LOVE riding with her!
Look at that smile… only 70 miles, COME ON!
Me, Amy, Mindy & Erin

2 thoughts on “Tour de Mesa 2013

  1. Great job!!! Bike races scare the crud outta me!! Especially Tour de Mesa. Tooooo many crashes every year.
    How did you like that 3 mile climb? We climb it at least once a week and I hate it every stinkin time 😉
    Keep up the great work!!

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