Lucky me I WON this entry from the SWEETEST athlete, Missy!
It was my first 5k! 
Since this was a night race I decided to rest all day.
All day I slept and lounged around in my PJs.
It was awesome… 
Start time was 7pm.
& I had Xterra 13.1 mile trail run the next morning
I meet up with Missy & her husband #hisfirst5ktoo
They are so fun!

I dragged Missy to the FRONT. 
She was not too happy about it but I told her it’s easier to not have to pass the walkers and people wearing the race shirts 

The first mile I TOOK OFF!
WOW. that was HARD.
AND it was the fastest mile I have ever ran.
Mile two & three were much nicer 
#notreally at a 7:08 pace!
I have learned that running fast… may cause a few “issues.”
But, if you PR, it’s worth it! 
Finished in 20:56!!!!!
It is not easy running that fast.

I won a $25 gift card to Sole Sports!
Afterwards I had to take off pretty quickly since I had Xterra 13.1 Trail run the next morning… 
I did not have an issue giving away my TWO free BEER tickets…
Here are my Garmin stats! =D