Well hello.

It’s me.

It’s been like 11 years since I last blogged. Okay not really but it’s been too long.

TIUX (pronounced tee-oo) Compression

Before I turned into a triathlete I ran… I ran a lot and I was always in compression socks.

1. they look bomb

2. you get the best tan lines ever #notlol

3. they save you from the pain of shin splints #toomuchrunningrunningrunning.

I have used 2XU, CEP, Zoot, lululemon, Zensah… Yep, I’ve gotten around in the game of compression. So I was pumped when tiux reached out to me to review their sock game.

A couple days later this showed up…


Hello lux. I mean tiux.

LOVE this packaging. I wanted to keep them in their little black box for safe keeping but that’s not how you write reviews ehhh?

the socks are my favorite colors… I mean I didn’t even try to match, they just matched.


So. How strong is tiux #sockgame? 

1. love the colors and love the design

2. love the fabric, the socks are so comfy and I didn’t get blisters #winning

3. the socks were too comfortable. ;/ if I am going to wear a compression sock I prefer more compression. I have small legs but not tiny. I ordered the XS even though with measuring my ankle and calf size it said to go with a S, I knew I liked my compression super tight so I wanted to be sure they were tight. Even ordering a size down they did not feel compression… felt more like a tighter knee high sock.

4. tall socks in Miami during summer really don’t make sense but I will totally be rocking these once temps are in the 70s again.

5. they give back <3

tiux donates 1% of their revenue to MAG (Mines Advisory Group) who help save lives and protect communities from landmines, unexploded ordnance (UXO) and other weapons remaining after conflict.

Final thoughts…

I would run in them more for looks than a compression sock.

They are comfortable and didn’t give me blisters #winning.

They are my favorite colors, so they pretty much match everything I own.

I wouldn’t wear these around the house to “recover,” for me they don’t give me the squeeze I prefer for recovery. 


tiux provided me with the socks, I provided you with my opinions.

Helping me kill my #sockgame in the pictures above are my New Balance Zantes check them out on amazon.