This is my first summer of being a runner, let me clarify, a runner in Phoenix, AZ… do you need more clarification? 110+ is the usual temperature for a Phoenix summer day! Yes, I should have gotten a gym membership but I hate gyms. I seriously hate gyms; my body would probably love them though. Anyways, Phoenix summers bring the question to mind, why the heck to I live in an oven? Why do I put myself in an oven and then run around!? Well the answer is simple, I love running. Which is something I never thought would come out of my mouth. I remember not wanting to play basketball because you had to run from one end of the court to the other over and over… okay, I get it, I just hate running indoors.

Outdoor running keeps your mind alert and you see all sorts of interesting people, places, creatures and things. It is amazing how little I knew about what was in my neighborhood until I started running. We miss oh so much in our fast cars! Outdoor running in the summer time is not necessarily pleasant unless you brave the early morning twilight. Boy do I miss those cold winter days when I would get home from work, put on my running shoes (not even take my water belt!) and take off! I didn’t even start running with water until after 5 miles… now that the summer heat is here I can’t go 1 mile without water!

Here are a couple of pictures I have taken while running, enjoy!

Papago park

Camelback Mt.

The “lakes” at Papago
Papago Park Mt. Biker