Landis Cyclery South Mountain Bike Classic Hill Climb

So… as y’all know, I just do it. 
I should have been named Nike.

I signed up for this 6.7 mile hill climb up South Mountain with every intention to ride it first.
Life is busy! Didn’t happen.
I was SCARED. 
I am not a climber. I go slow… seriously slow.
But my main girl Erin was coming with!

We picked up our team tent and headed to SoMo.

Setting up a tent is not easy. 
But we are STRONG women. WE got er done.
Erin and I. About to get on our trainers and warm up for the climb!
#cyclingishard #somuchtodo
#race… hahaha
It was a mass start so there were about 10/15 of us women at the start.
We all took off at a “slow” pace which was a HUGE change from the crit.
WHICH in fact scared me even more.
If they are going slow now… what is in store for us!!!

Then the hill came… and it really didn’t go away for the next 6.7 miles!
It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.
I kept up with the “pack” until we started really heading up the mountain.
Mandi needs to work on climbing!
The last .7 miles of the course is probably the hardest… the mountain really starts climbing and in turn you gotta get up outta that saddle!

As I got to the top, down came two of my teammates, YAY! I wasn’t 80 miles behind them!!

Once I pasted the finish I waited a couple minutes for my girl Erin to show up and we took the photo opp then headed back down!
YAY for our first time up SoMo!!!!
At the finish… looking strong… Riding down SoMo was more scary than riding up it!
I need lots of hill practice!!
SO we (Erin and i) go and look at the results. I was 4th she was 5th… we leave.
So sweet, I even won some dough… nothing to write home about, but enough to blog about!! 
$20 holla!
SUCH AN awesome fun day!!! 
Seriously, I love doing scary things, because 9 times out of 10 they end up being FUN not scary!

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