This is my most favorite half marathon to date!

Not only was the course beautiful but the course and town support was amazing.

Run with Donna is a breast cancer fund raising marathon and half marathon. Since I am NOT in marathon shape I went for the half!! I got hooked up by Donna herself and got an entry to the half!

Jacksonville is about 5 hours north of Miami so I was excited for the road trip!

NOT only did I get to RUN the half… I got to meat my TEAM ZOOT Captain and have dinner with his awesome family… PLUS I got some of my ZOOT gear!! GO #teamzoot

Zoot Team Gear 2014

Race morning I was nervous it might be cold since I was so far north of Miami and now anything under 70* is FREEZING. However the weather was perfect! Just a little under 70* and cloudy for the entire race!

At the starting line I got to meet Fitletic Ambassador MARATHON MAN!! He was super nice, he flies around the world completing marathons!! Crazy Crazy, I love it!!

Marathon Man Run With Donna

Miles 1-6 were great! I was not out there to kill it but I was doing great my average was about 8:15 and I WAS STOKED! These first miles were running through the small towns neighborhoods and the support was GREAT. Everybody seemed to be out in front of their houses cheering on all the racers!!

Run with Donna Half Marathon 2014

Mile 6-7/8ish were another amazing set of miles! I got to run on the beach! I had NO idea that the course was actually running on the sand! It was so beautiful and refreshing!

Run with Donna Half Marathon 2014 Mile 11

Miles 9-13.1 🙂 They call this bonking? I call it BRIDGES!! Well… also me not being 100% prepared! Around mile 11 I started getting calf cramps and then it hit me… I had not been taking my magnesium supplements. CRAMP. So. I. CRAMPED.

All and all a great day of racing for me.

I got a PR!


Team Zoot Run with Donna Half Marathon