6am- Wake up
6:10am- Contacts & clothes on
6:20am- Start to stretch… then realize that it is POURING RAIN outside 🙁 (Yes, it took me 20 min to realize that it was raining… we have a fish tank and it makes the same water pouring noise)
6:21am- Take contacts out
6:25am- Lay back in bed and wake Ked up to tell him that I can’t run this morning and close my eyes 🙁
8:15am- Wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed, go to work…

I want to go running right now, it is 64 out. Why must I work?

I should have braved it in the rain this morning… but hey I’m from Arizona and rain is not usual!

One thought on “Rain rain go away!

  1. I love how you got back into bed and woke Ked up to tell him you weren’t running, haha!

    This blog makes me feel close to you…keep it up young grasshopper! (Your place must be really cozy when it rains)


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