Ragnar Del Sol

6 Cholla Chicks.
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200+ Miles.
35 Hours.
Smiles.. it’s what we do.
We started at 8am… 
So we met at 4:20am, left Phoenix by 5am, picked up a Cholla on the way and made it to Wickenburg around 6:45am. 
Went through safety check & decorated the van! By no time it was time for me to start. 
I was nervous.

LEG 1 – 13.8 miles
Garmin says 14.26
Time: 2:05 
Pace: 8:47
First run is always the best. Especially when you get to start at 8am!
The first 8ish miles were uphill. No biggie, I heart hills!

I kept my pace in the 9:15 area up all the hills and once I was headed down I picked it up and let gravity do its work! LOVE DOWNHILLS!!
By the time I finished I was HAPPY/GIDDY. Ready to party.
Too bad we never got this on film… probably for the better!!
One of the great things about Ragnar is the team effort.
We all get to help and cheer for each other the entire time!
Here is all of us helping Michelle get ready for her first leg… 
she had to run 20+ miles just for her first leg!!!
THIS is one of my favorite pictures… 
not of Aimswa and I but look behind us…
THESE are my girls… 
Christy & Sue are smiling and hugging… 
I have NO idea why but it makes me tear up.
Trying to stay warm, rest and catch up on Social Media 
They hooked us up with 
COWBELLS, Powerbar Gels, Hammer Nutrition, Water & Ironman drinks!

LEG 2 – 11.7 miles
Garmin says 11.74
Time: 1:52 
Pace: 9:36

Running into friends on the course is SO fun!
Well somewhere between feeling amazing on my first run and starting this run I ate something that my stomach was NOT happy about. I didn’t realize how bad it actually was until I tried running…
HEHE… well I stared and my stomach HATED me.
AND I can’t say I wasn’t warned… 
BAHAHA. I love my Instagram friends…
SO here it comes. 
A race report full of s**t.
Do you notice something missing? 
Thanks for the warning Emz… didn’t work.
I pooped on the side of the road.
I. Am. An. Official. Runner. Now.
Not only that but I felt as if I needed to vomit the ENTIRE RUN.
I got through it though. Thank goodness this was the one run without hills in it for me cause that may have pushed me over the edge of vomiting and pooping! 
Thankfully… I didn’t “vomit” until after my run.
Thankfully. Bahahaha. It’s gross.
Sorry, but sometimes running isn’t pretty. If you are a runner you know this.

LEG 3 – 11 miles
Garmin says 11.06
Time: 2:02 
Pace: 11:05

This run was uphill for about 7 of the 11.
On normal “rested” legs I could have ROCKED it.
BUT this is not normal.
I had ran 26.34 miles and been awake for 27+ hours.
No napping yet either… just didn’t work. I tried since my stomach was SO upset still.
I couldn’t eat after my last leg. I tried but then it made me want to hurl so I stopped.
This run had us on the side of Scottsdale Rd. at 8am… it was busy. 
LOTS of cars. Did not like that but the weather was perfect.

I sucked this run up and took it a couple miles at a time.
Kept thinking this is it. MY LAST RUN!
By the time I had climbed the last 3/4 miles I was DONE.
I HAPPILY handed that wristband to Aimswa
This is another one of my favorites! 
All of us Chollas & our Prick aka Jeff our AWESOME Co-Pilot Crew Cheif!

When we finally made it to the finish I was ready…
I wanted FOOD.
Here is SUEBUG 
finishing up our 
35 HOUR RUNNING experience!
Cholla Chicks Rocked it.
These women “chicks” are amazing!

Sue, Emily, Michelle, Christy & Amy… I LOVE YOU!

37.4 miles for me DONE.
A HUGE shout out to all our friends on the course!
It was SO FUN running into them… mostly at the finish line!
BUT A HUGE HUGE AWESOME THANK YOU TO HEIDI aka BananaBUZZbomb for coming out, not only once, but TWICE to cheer us on!! She was SUPER awesome and I didn’t get a picture… 
ALSO THANK YOU TO OUR amazing wonderful volunteers that helped out and without them we would not have been able to even do Ragnar!

Last but NOT least our driver, co-pilot & sag truck 
Ked, Jeff & Joel
THEY were SO amazing and helpful.
We would NOT have made it without the support from all three of these wonderful men!
So this post was kinda all about me…
I just wanted to get that out before I dive into whatever else I feel like later…

CAUSE this year needs TWO Ragnar Del Sol posts.
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  1. Woman! You are the greatest!

    I’m sorry about your gloves. I lost a pair at Rock N Roll as you remember. Good thing they’re always on clearance at Target!

  2. Love it! So inspiring. As for pooping on the side of the road…yep, i’ve done it. Not once, not twice, but 3 times. Lol. Definitely makes you a real runner! High five sister!

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