This was my first time EVER in the midwest and… I LOVED IT!

This team was the BEST ever!! Everyone was SO nice and welcoming! Such great people, we totally lucked out ๐Ÿ™‚



I was in Van one runner 6, normally I would like to be one of the first runners but the legs got switched around and I was more than happy to help the team out ๐Ÿ™‚

We had a great race, I however was not 100%.

The week prior to the race I fell off my bike while trying some new transition tricks and my hip (not my hip fracture hip) was kinda bothering me but I ran on!

LEG 1 – 9.7 Miles – 12:49pm -1:27 hrs – 9:03 min/miles

AMAZING. Felt great! It was “trails” which were like dirt roads so it was easy on the legs. Although it was hot, it was NOT #effinmiami hot so I was killin’ it!

I averaged my 9’s which is what I was shooting for! YAY ๐Ÿ™‚



LEG 2 – 3.1ย Miles – 10:11pm – 35 min – 11:28 min/miles

Well, as you can see… that 10 miler caught up with my sore hip and left me hurting. I basically had to walk this 3 miles. Probably my slowest 3 miles ever.


I had one more leg to go… This entire leg I held back tears. I wasn’t going to be able to run leg 3. What a let down I was to the team.

This isn’t suppose to happen when you do Ragnar with a bunch of strangers you invited.

I am not a quitter but I know when I should stop. My heart was broken cause I hate letting people down.

BUT I SAW THIS AWESOME SIGN… #brightside #cheeseheads


LEG 3 –ย DNS

Nope. Never felt better. BUT I had the most amazing van and they helped me run it… by running it for me!! Thank you guys, you saved me =D

After Van 1 was DONE! We headed into downtown Chicago and I got to go to THE BEAN!!!



Then we headed to the finish line and brought it in with our entire team!!

Ragnar-chicago-wisconsin-2014-finishline-berkeleyrunningco Ragnar-chicago-wisconsin-2014-finish

This was my favorite Ragnar for sure! Such a pretty course that was “easy” on your body… if you were healthy to begin with!!

I totally recommend racing Ragnars in states that you have never been, it makes such a great road trip while running and being stinky!!


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