5:00am: Alarm goes off, I stumble out of bed and hop in the shower. Eat my english muffin with peanut butter and banana while drinking some H2O. Do my business (sorry, I had to!). Get dressed

6:15am: Leave the house with my Daddy and Husband.

6:40am: Get dropped off, an hour before start time. IT IS FREEZING & DARK. I brought a sweater to throw out but I was still only in shorts. Not a good idea. Next time I will bring sweats and gloves too.

7:20am: Line up in corral 8 of 9.

7:44am: Cross the start line. Holy cow. I am running a marathon! 26.2 miles to go!! Here is the link to the map…. http://arizona.competitor.com/files/2009/04/AZ-11_coursemap_color1.pdf

Miles 1-5: I am trying to warm up, I was so cold. I Threw my sweater at the start line. Will not do that next time!

Miles 5-10: My knee started hurting around mile 5 pretty bad. But it was still holding its weight well. Other than that these miles were great. I loved running down Missouri Avenue.

Miles 10-14: After mile 10 my knee started losing its strength.Β I had to tell myself over and over “strong knee.”

Miles 14: I stopped at the aid station to get my knee wrapped and took two aspirin. This probably took about 7-10 minutes… if I would have just done this from the start I would have made my goal time. But I am okay with my time. I am.

Miles 14-18: Hardest miles without a doubt. Well, I did have lots of doubts. The lady at the aid station told me if I was limping that I should not continue. Therefore I was not limping! I took way too many walking breaks during these four miles. They hurt, my knee hurt and my house was less than a couple miles away during all of this.

Mile 19: I got to see my Parents and Hubby!! This brighten my run by SO MUCH!! It is amazing how much motivation seeing the family gave me! My mother also came with aspirin! I was in dire need of it. πŸ™‚ Oh yeah, I finally got my GU (I took a few extra for later too).

Miles 20-25: I am a lucky girl now. My friend Tom showed unexpectedly on his bike and rode with me for these last 5 miles. He got me to finally push myself and forget about the pain… which I did! Basically after mile 19 with the aspirin and GU my pain had gone away!! I was running “pain free.” Tom was such a great motivator not only to me but everyone around! I told him he should be a motivator or coach because he is good at getting you to believe in yourself!

Miles 25-26.2: My leg got a cramp but no way I was stopping now! I pushed my hardest and finished just over my goal time of 5 hours at 5:03:10!

Not bad for a first marathon. Can’t wait for my next!! I will be much more prepared next time, my friends will have to bike with me the entire time!!

Trying to get my hands above my head was no easy task!
Yay! It’s over!

4 thoughts on “PF Changs Marathon Race Recap

  1. It was an awesome first marathon! Turns out my knee problem was just my I.T. Band so I am doing great now… just foam rolling almost every night πŸ™‚

  2. Amazing! Congrats, that sounds like a great first marathon!

    I hope that I have a story like that one day, too πŸ™‚ (I could do without the knee pain part, but knowing my knees that might be part of my story, too…)

  3. Not sure when the next one will be. Soon I hope, maybe I will do another one sometime this Spring/Summer. I guess it’s time to start looking πŸ™‚

  4. Heck ya!


    YAY for “strong knee” & STRONG YOU!!

    LOVE IT!

    when’s your next one!? πŸ˜‰

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