Old Pueblo 50
The day after
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Pictures say it all. Today I am going light on the words, cause in truth…
I couldn’t do justice to this day.
It was just too epic.

LOTS of coffee with our awesome breakfast.

LOTS of wine 
#iknowsoresponsible #itsweir

We got to hang out with Sue’s new running buddy, Ken, and his girlfriend Carrie.
Ken camps in style so we decided we needed some style to as we drove around to the wineries… 
We got to cruise around Sonotia, AZ in a motor home! 
The “Crew” from top, Birdy, Aimswa, Michelle & I

Aimswa’s outta vino!!!

Birdy & I

THEN it was time to go HOME.
We left Sonotia around 3pm. We got home around 10:30pm.
It’s a 2.5/3 hour drive….

NOT with the #chollachicks though!

On the way home the Beetle decided to stop working.

We set up camp. WE know how to break down!

We broke a belt & a pullie! And Sue’s belt was not going to do the job!

 So we waited… and Sue… well she popped her blister!

Then Ked came with a belt…
and found out that the pullie had broken too…
didn’t have the part.
TOW TRUCK was called.
Beetle was taken home.


If you are doing a 50/100 miler. Please let me know. I want to be your crew.
Best girls weekend ever!!