Monday holidays are a sweet sweet thing… unless you are a Boot Camp goer M-W-F; this means that your M-W-F schedules changes to T-W-F. If you know me, you know Tuesdays are Tribe Run nights and if I don’t go I don’t have a great week because I miss my running ladies! Anyways, my calves hurt! I not only had Boot Camp two days in a row but I ran a 5k in between the two mornings! Crazy you may say… I agree.
These are the exercises that killed my calves today. Seriously, I came into Boot Camp praying to not use my calves and guess what the exercises were…. 
Funny thing is, I was chatting with my Boot Camp partner about how Tuesday she was not wanting to run very much and we wound up running 2.5 miles along with exercises in between! I think Amber, our instructor, has telepathic abilities and uses them to make Boot Camp hard on us.
It was nice knowing you calves but now you must got into hiding and shrivel up! Listen to me I say… leave me now!
Lunges with Dumbbells

Mountain Climbers


Split Jump Lunges 
P.S. I think there was another one but I must have blocked that from my memory… you know it did happen almost 8 hours ago… 🙂