Earlier this year I had fractured my hip.
This had happened about 9 weeks from my first 70.3, Barb’s Race.
Yep. 6 weeks off the bike and running so that gave me a couple weeks of actual training.
Wasn’t even “real” training… it was “scared” training!
So of course I did what any normal person would do and signed up for my next one, Miami.
I had to redeem myself. I knew I wouldn’t be happy with my performance at Barb’s.
SO. Miami 70.3
I didn’t plan on being from Miami when I signed up but turns out I am now! Crazy how life works out.
Training in Miami has been a HUGE adjustment for me.
This town is #soeffinbusy
But I got in “most” my training.
Goals – Swim 35 – Bike 2:56 – Run 1:52
Actual – Swim 43 – Bike 2:57 – Run 1:52
LOOK at that.
Everything but my swim I was right on.
Race day!
 As I was walking to transition… I spotted a kit that looked very familiar…
YEP! Another Tribe Multisport team member!
I was so excited to meet Linda from Canada!
It may sound silly but after seeing her I felt as if my team was with me and I was going to have a great day. #whichidid
Setting up transition… Something I need to work on
My T1 time was about 2 minutes too long, who wants to practice with me!?
So. As much as I didn’t want to do an “ironman” branded triathlon… I LOVED IT.
Ironman does a great job.
1.2 Miles – 43 minuets – 2:13/100m
Before I knew it… I was lining up to jump in the water and
Woah, all I can say is I might be thankful I didn’t see them as I was stroking away.
I probably would have thought they were sharks and had a panic attack! hahaha
The swim was perfect. MY swim was not.
The water was beautiful, calm and salt as ever.
I didn’t have a panic attack… although I did do quite a bit slow stroking when I started to get that “too much salt water” feeling.  < – –  yes, that is what I am calling it now.
Not used to swimming in the ocean still. But I am a-okay with my almost 10 minuets slower than I wanted swim.
I got punched in the head towards the end… and that landed me with a headache throughout the day! BOOOOOO
Then right afterwards I stroked right into some sort of black hard plastic floaty thingy in the water… I wasn’t even off course! AND I did hear of a couple others hitting the same thing. THAT EFFIN HURT.
T1: 3:31
56 Miles – 2:57 – 18.91mph
The bike. I love my dear Rosalita.
I actually really loved this course. I know lots of people say it’s boring but that’s what I like.
I don’t want to be jumping in and out of aero… turning corners… blahh blahhh.
I love the straight out n back.
I don’t love headwinds both ways though!
Ahhh, got to love the Florida breezes. THey love to tourchur you.
Bike was uneventful. Other than the annoyance of 2/3 girls that would pass me, slow down, pass me slow down… all while drafting off each other.
I am happy to say that I finished my bike in front of all of them.
So there. Keep drafting girls.
Another rookie mistake… followed the lead of some guy in front of me and took my feet outta my shoes way to early but hey… not a big deal… Mandi’s biking isn’t the best… YET!
T2: 1:52
13.1 Miles – 1:52 – 8:36/mile
First I would like to brag… this is a half marathon PR!!
I felt ready for this run.
I knew it would be hot so I had been doing my longer runs later in the day. They sucked but they were worth it.
I did though I great with my nutrition throughout the bike so when I landed on ground again I was ready. My splits were a bit all over the place but hey, I’m a girl! hahaha
The cramping of the legs didn’t come until mile 11… but I was able to run though them.
I’m proud of that. I don’t think I have ever done it so well before.
Those cramps where your foot starts to curl up… your calves get charlie horses…
Yep. Good Times.
Looking back on the race. I had taken the nutrition I needed. Electrolytes in my water. BUT looking down at my legs… they were COVERED in salt.
Miami = Salt pills for sure.
Next race I will be ready with extra salt! Cramping is not fun and is a sign of poor nutrition/hydration. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!!


70.3 – 5:38


PR of 24 minutes!

This was such an awesome race. I felt great, raced smart and pushed hard. I am ready to get out there and try again. I seriously have so much fun out there racing. Can’t imagine my life without it now!
Here is to health and happiness!! Cheers my friends!!
ironman-703-miami-florida-mandiruns-finisher-photo-2013 ironman-703-miami-florida-mandiruns-finished

Miami Ironman 70.3 Video


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