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Almost 10 years ago I was introduced to lululemon. Somehow or another I ended up reading a blog post they did about vision and goals… I filled it out, then I decided I wanted to work for them so I applied. I didn’t get that job at the time but I did get all my goals written down. About three years ago I applied again but this time living in Florida and got the job. A Strange thing happened when I went to apply again though… all my goals were still on my profile, and guess what… I HAD COMPLETED THEM ALL. Without even thinking about it. I manifested my dreams.

lululemon taught me more and more about goals, visions and creating the future you want. It is so simple. Close your eyes, take away all limitations… where do you see yourself? who is around you? what is around you? how do you feel? Okay, take all those things and back it up 10 years, 5 years and 1 year. how are you getting to this vision you just saw…

simple steps. life changing. just write it down.

Now my goals… I write down everything I want. I wanted Kona. Kona was written on my mirror from the day I signed up for Ironman Copenhagen 2017. I knew it was my moon shot. I knew it was going to be hard. I honestly didn’t think it would happen but I am a dreamer.

Lucky, Copenhagen dreamt along and granted me my roll down spot to The Big Island. I was 9th place in my AG. My first Ironman. My 2nd year training for Ironman. Yes. Two years. My story is a long one because I was sidetracked and unable to toe the start line of Ironman Arizona 2015 because of a careless texting driver who rear-ended me a month before the race. After the accident, I took a few months off and came back to fight.

I signed up for Florida 70.3, got a spot in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships Australia 2016. That year I focused on that race… well that race was a huge flop, I got sick and raced with a fever. What I learned… I don’t ever give up. I have grit and I will fight until I can’t fight. I was one of the last finishers in that race and it was the most humbling experience of my life. Racing the best in the world when you feel the worst… hello ego, meet the human spirit. I was pushed by volunteers, competitors who had long finished and by my man, Ked, who talked me off the edge of quitting and walked with me to remind me that we were in effin Australia and we were having effin FUN. lol

After that race… Copenhagen came into the mists. Finally, I was ready to sign up and get this Ironman under my belt. Three of my amazing teammates and coach were all coming so it was going to be a party in Europe! And it was. This go around for training I knew what to expect… I cried less and sweat more. Ironman training is no joke and it is best when done with friends. I was lucky enough to have so much support. I never had to do one track session alone. Only a handful of solo 100+ mile rides. Goals are always things I like to make up. I don’t tell too many people because I love my moon shots. I love reaching for the stars even when it seems impossible. So I made some crazy goals, wrote them up on my mirror and next to them KONA in bold letters. Reminding me each day. This crazy goal, only Ked even knew about it. It’s hard to share with the world who knows its crazy hard and near impossible.

Now. I know I am lucky. I worked hard for my finish at Copenhagen, I trained my butt off and did most everything I could to kick butt. I didn’t have my goal times in Copenhagen and I know I was lucky to get that Kona spot. An 11:20 Ironman is not a normal KQ. BUT is was mine.

So the point… just write it down and share with people you know support you. Dreams are supposed to be hard. Not everything you want will manifest but I do believe if you want it hard enough it will happen. The most important thing is to be grateful, work hard and smile.

This upcoming year I have new goals written on my mirror.

Can’t wait to show them to you!