As I was surfing the web on my wild Friday night yesterday I stubble upon a little race called…

45th Annual International Swimming Hall of Fame 2014 Fort Lauderdale Rough Water Swim!

Sounds fun… it’s tomorrow AM and I am suppose to swim for 45min! #PERFECT

So I start guzzling more water than usual and go to bed nice ‘n early!

Fort Lauderdale Rough Water Swim


1 mile.

Rough Open Water. No seriously it was. First time in five years it’s actually been rough! Hahaha, of course.

LOTS of teenagers & college students #howamistartingtofeelold????

Before the start the race director asked if anyone was allergic to bee stings and if you are you cannot race… JELLYFISH!! =D

I have never been stung. Well, lets just say I HAD never been stung.

Also, to be noted… I might have been the ONLY person in a wetsuit??

I am proud to say I was called the smartest person out there quite a few times because of it! I was Florida COLD & windy! Hahahha!! I wore my new suit because I have never actually swam in it and thought it might be smart to try it out before next weekends race… did you know that dancing around in it doesn’t count for swimming??! =D

Open Water Swimming in Fort Lauderdale

About 12 min into the swim I got my first “bee” sting. OUUHHH on my arm. Okay, that wasn’t THAT bad.

15 more minutes go by… F$#@

MY EFFIN FACE! #okaymychinwhatever


Uggggh. That Jellyfish got me good. Face still hurts.

BUT I CARRIED ON! I wanted to stop right there when that damn fish stung me.

The girl in the wetsuit… stung… quitting early… that’s not the Mandi I know. SO I stuck it out.

I was almost done, I had to finish. I’m not a quitter.

So I continued on with the washing machine ocean ride for 10 more minutes and finished.

1.21 Miles – 40:25 minutes

Survivor Medal, Fort Lauderdale Rough Water Swim

It is NOT easy swimming in rough water. The waves take you as you are stroking and do weird things.

IT WAS AWESOME PRACTICE. HITS 70.3 Naples has nothing on me now. Mandi will rock that swim next week.

The ocean is much stronger than I and I needed reminding of it.

The coolest thing of all is I get to live here. I get to go up the road and do these amazing races in paradise.

Hello Florida. Mandi is in love with you.

International Swimming Hall of Fame, Rough Water Swim

Your ocean is strong. But I will carry on!

ISHOF Rough Water Swim

I may look a bit beat up…but hey, I love it. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose!

Happy Trails! Talk to you after HITS Naples next Saturday!! #maybeevensooner #youneverknow =D

Video Highlights from the Fort Lauderdale Rough Water Swim

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