When I plan a trip I try to fit in my workouts… the easiest way to guarantee a workout is a RACE!

I signed up for Lake Lenape Triathlon a couple days before heading out to New Jersey to see friends & I conned Stephaine into doing her 2nd triathlon! She had just done her first one a couple weeks ago… and I do believe we have found her next one!! 🙂

Getting to the start was easy. Traffic was great and the small town accommodated us well. There were strict instructions not to park on the course roads so you did have to walk aways but not too far. I find that most races include a nice walk to the start line/transition area so it was no big deal.

Check in was a breeze and they even had spots assigned on all the racks for your bike. A lot of smaller races don’t do this but I really appreciate it since it makes everything run that much smoother.

I thought I would include a picture of Rosalita all set up ready to go! For a sprint triathlon you don’t need too much!


The only thing I found is that being one of the first to set my bike up… not everyone else knew how to.

Usually every other bike will be faced the opposite way to make more room for the bikes and your gear… if you look closely no one did that this time. Not a huge deal in a smaller race but it just makes everything a bit tight.


All. Set. Let’s head to LAKE LENAPE!


Stephaine and I had some laughs before heading down to the water and being briefed on the swim.

The swim course was marked super well and the lake was the PERFECT temperature… I was worried since I didn’t have my wetsuit, but if I would have had it on I would have over heated… the water was amazingly perfect!!



Did I mention how much fun it is to race with FRIENDS!! It really makes a HUGE difference to have someone there with you.

I am WAY LESS NERVOUS with a friend 🙂


These men must have died of heat… come on, aren’t you from New Jersey… I’m from #effinmiami #yo



8:00 – 1:49pace

The swim was amazing!! My masters three times a week is paying off! I do believe this is a swim PR 🙂

Yes, I know its not that fast but I’m a turtle in the water!! As I said the lake temp was perfect and it was as calm as an open water swim could possibly be! #perfect #ilovenewjersey


t1 :48



31:39 – 19.3mph

Ehhh. I haven’t cycled in two weeks and this time shows it. No faking the bike. There were rolling hills but nothing too crazy. All in all a great “easy” course if you are used to hills and cycling. I was disappointed with my time but honestly it was all I had in me. As I say over and over again. More. Saddle. Time. MORE. hahaha


Ohhh… and have you noticed my sweet new #teamzoot kit!! I finally got the “official” kit!! #yay

t2: 1:51

Ekkkkk. I. Had. To. Run. Barefoot. In. SEASHELLS.


Want some advise… Wear socks or don’t take your shoes off.


24:38 – 7:42pace


The run felt great. I stayed at the same pace the entire three miles then picked it up for the .1!

Not my best 5k but I was more than happy with how I felt and my pace.

Finally I didn’t want to THROW UP at the finish line!!!! #cheers


THE FINISH – 1:06:56

I crossed the finish line 7th Over All Woman and 2nd in my Age Group.

I lost to first place in my Age Group by 43 seconds!! #darnthatbike

Just goes to show that you HAVE to be out there riding!!


The awards were great, the only thing I would love to see would be a podium so 1st, 2nd and 3rd all stay up there together to get a picture.

Maybe I am a picture whore but I love podium pictures!!

The volunteers out on the course were amazing and so cheerful! There were even neighborhood people out in their lawns cheering and watching the race. I love to see a community come together and support small races like these! I would come back and do this race in a heart beat!!

Heres to 25 more years of the Lake Lenape Triathlon!!

Thanks to all my amazing sponsors! I wouldn’t be out there pushing it as hard without y’all!!

City Bikes Aventura ~ Zoot Sports ~ Skratch Labs

Eternal Water ~ Kwazadilla