One of the greatest things about the running community is how amazingly thoughtful and giving it is. My good friend Tommy won an entry to the Key West Half Marathon from Run South Florida late last week and shortly realized he would not be able to run it… why? Well cause he was doing the Long Haul Ultra Marathon, yes ultra, yes he ran 100 miles! Now that is amazing!! Anyways he won the entry from Run South Florida,a premier magazine designed to inform the running community of ALL things running in South Florida. As it turns out his spot was not up for grabs but one of the girls in the office was unable to run so she offered me her bib. Yes, a complete stranger offered me her bib. As I said, the running community is SO amazing and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

Yay, now I get to run my first solo half marathon in over two years It is so nice to be able to just run and turn of my brain, triathlon is a lot of thinking and you can’t just shut down the brain!

Sunday Morning:

1:45am Wake Up
2:15am Get on the Road
5:30am Arrive at Key West
6am Check in and grab my bib number 🙂
7am RUN!!!!


Yes, you read that correct, 1:45am. I might be crazy or I might just be a runner.

Since I had just done the HITS NAPLES 70.3 last weekend and my run was LESS than delightful I wanted to redeem myself.

Mandi likes to be called a runner and I had a super hard time running last weekend.


7:08ish the gun goes off and I am more than happy to start running, it was super cold, in the low 60’s, and I was ready to get warm!

Pacing is something I can have a hard time with but I felt great and just went for it. Staying under 8:30 was my goal and I did it! My fastest miles were the last two and my slowest was the first… that is a win in my book! My time goal was 1:50 and I did it!!

13.1 miles ~ 1:49 a new PR for me with a 8:21 pace!!

The course for the Key West Half Marathon was beautiful! We got to run down Duval Street, along Sunset Pier, through the amazingly quaint streets of Key West and along the coast to an amazing sunrise. Pretty much close your eyes and think about running in paradise and that was me Sunday, along with 3,000 other folks!


The finish line awesome! People lined up and down the streets and there was a man playing an old player piano, and I of course had to go get a photo with him afterwards!


Once you crossed the finish you got handed the amazing finishers medal… yep a wine cork!



Then you could go get a massage, snacks and well… BEER! They were handing this out like water and everyone was loving it!




Me… well, I tried to drink it but it just wasn’t going to happen so I gave some to the fish!


It was such an awesome race and I would defiantly come back down to race it again. I am now even more excited to do Ragnar Keys in a couple weeks!! Key West is such a beautiful place!


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  1. Hi,
    I just found this while searching for the KW half marathon course. Great post. I was just at Ragnar too!! BOY it was hot!! As a NYer I was not ready for that!! I will be doing this race in 2015 and CAN NOT wait!! I am hoping we get 60 degrees again 🙂

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