Key Biscayne 10k…

My first official 10k without a swim and bike in front of it!!

You can say we were as ready as could be…



I love running races… they are so easy. Just grab your shoes and a jacket and run out the door! No bike, helmet, swim cap, wet suit, cycling shoes, etc etc etc…

So much fun! I love running… bet cha didn’t guess that one!

Anyways, it was a great race, very well organized just like all the Multirace events… only the parking was a bit crazy, I suppose that is what happens when there are so many people doing the event!

I was feeling great and ready to run! I just decided I would push and push and see what I could do… I wasn’t scared of blowing up or anything, its only 6.2 miles, I GOT THIS!

As I sprinted to the finish, I made sure to let this guy know he was going to be “chicked” if he didn’t push… so he pushed! lol


45:14 – 7:17 pace


That got me 4 place overall in the women’s division and 1st in my age group!


And this amazing lady got 2nd overall!! Holy fast lady!! #iloveher!!


It was a great race, can’t wait to do more short running races! It is so much fun!!