I love this race. I love #effinmiami.


So, I really wasn’t officially doing this race until two weeks before. BUT I had been training for it earlier on in… I know sounds confusing right… So here is the deal, races sale out. LOL

Thankfully last min, i.e. two weeks before the race my amazing sponsor City Bikes Aventura got me a spot!


I got in a really great brick and felt sick. lol

I TT’ed the swim and totally did okay so I knew I would be okay… As in make it across the finish line without dying.

My friend from AZ was coming into town and it was going to be her first half ironman!!! I love inspiring my friends to be just as crazy as me! Thankfully she prepared and had bought her entry. #mandifail


Bekah got into #effinmiami and we partied like two ladies tapering for a 70.3!

Ran a little, swam a little, biked a little and drank lots of water and ate LOTS of yummy food!!


Wake up. I FEEL amazing. I put on my headphones whip up some breakfast (i actually eat it all!) of some toast, peanut butter and an apple. As I am sitting outside on the balcony I know it’s going to be a good day, no matter my performance.

I love this sport.

We get everything all packed up and head to the start line… as we are walking out of the garage I realize I forgot ALL my bike nutrition other than gels… #FML

I have been making these amazing balls that I have been eating whenever I ride and they have been fueling my body so well.. OH WELL. It would take over an hour to get them and get back so I pass… Serious FAIL.

What the heck Mandi. Is this your first race? My balls just sitting in the fridge at home 🙁 #lol

See…. even after FOUR 70.3 you still eff up. Such is life.

I get to transition and start unpacking… checking my air pressure than my ANGEL BEKAH comes to grant me peace throughout the bike… she had packed the extra balls we made for her AND waffles for her bike… she saved me. She saved my race. Without my balls I would have been eating gels ALL day #yuck

I probably owe her my bike PR time! So thankful for friends that don’t forget shit and share! =D


THE SWIM 1.2 miles 53:56

Holy hard. Honestly I deserve that time. I haven’t been a swimmer. The current was strong. My arms are weak.

Ekkkkk. I don’t know what to say other than I am going to work my ass off to become a swimmer because I want to be a triathlete.


T1: 2:24

I felt pretty good getting out of the water. I was ready to ride. Anything is better than that angry ocean.


THE BIKE 56 miles 2:50.08

Picking Rosalita up off that rack and running out of T1 I was so happy. That water was not fun and now I get to put my head down and push. The first 20 miles are always the hardest for me… and in this race that is more than true. As you head out of Downtown Miami you face the headwind. I averaged 18mph out and 22mph on the way back!

This is a bike PR for me!! by 0.22 seconds… LOL PR!!! hahaha

My legs were on fire. I could tell I had only had two long rides within the month. I had to tell my legs to shut up quite a few times. I was so nervous about running but when you are cycling you can’t worry about what’s to come. Be in the moment. Push as much as you can in the moment. Don’t think too much about the future… that’s what the future is for 😉


T2: 1:48

I quickly kissed Rosalita goodbye… it was all up to these get away sticks now.

THE RUN 13.1 miles 1:45.59

Lets start with the GREAT news… ANOTHER PR!! My last half marathon, was 1:49 and that was a solo half!! FOUR effin minutes off my half time!! #heckyes #winning

This run is hot. You climb over one of the largest bridges in Miami not twice but FOUR times. I LOVE IT. I love this run. I love running near the water. I love running. This entire race I just told myself you are doing what you love… so LOVE IT!

I think too many times we start thinking about the pain… but the pain is a part of the journey. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the warm flat coke, I enjoyed using my glutes up that effin bridge four times and I enjoyed racing.

I wasn’t the fastest, but I was Mandi and I was a pretty damn good one that day.

I am proud of myself. I keep improving and I know that there are amazing things to come.


FINISH 5:34.15


PR!!!! By FOUR minutes =D #illtakeit

10th in my AG

66th Woman Overall


Super proud of myself. Super happy to see the K man at the finish.

Super grateful for all my supporters.

Thank you to all my Family and Friends and Sponsors.

I have some of the best on my side. Fighting for me. Routing for me. =D


I love this sport. You haven’t seen the last of me 😉

Here are some of the people I love racing with!! We love smiling and triathlon!!

IMG_3509 IMG_3523 IMG_3524 IMG_3949 IMG_3940 IMG_3954

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