Ironman is hard.

Just wanted to put that out there because apparently I can forget.

This was my 4th Ironman – 2 a year cause that is normal right!?

Long story short I didn’t sign up for this one… thought I got in, turns out I didn’t, stressed out about a month from race day about training all summer for nothing, got in, and boom, raced. I did train. Missed 2/3 weeks of serious training but mentally I eff’ed myself. I tried to stay as positive as possible throughout all the drama that I had created but I know it affected me greatly.

Race morning I was not nervous AT ALL. It was the strangest feeling. I guess I knew I had done all I could do and it was all up to me fighting as much as I could on the day.


2.4 mile swim – 1 hour 15 minutes

I got up to the front in between 1-1:10 hour group. I was dreaming of a sub 1:10 swim.

The water temp was 60* which is about 7* too cold for me. (my garmin was 58* in that water!)

I felt pretty good, I knew I wasn’t flying but I was going.

As we made our final turn to come back into town and outta that water  I was unable to put my fingers together any longer… they were frozen. YAY. Hahaha. I am not a great swimmer (yet) and this defiantly did not help things.

I was so excited to get out of the water.

Looked at my watch, 1:15, I wasn’t sad or upset, I didn’t dwell on it. I just pushed LAP. On to the next.

BUT then I tried running to transition which was about .25miles away…  I am not a cold weather girl.

My feet HURT SO BAD running I almost CRIED. It was so painful.

Take a look at this pic. End of story.

A 10 minute TRANSITION! omg. that’s SLOW.

Thank goodness for the changing tent ladies, they put on my socks, gloves, arm warmers… without them I would have been in there much longer waiting to get feeling to my hands. My total transition distance was .51 miles so that makes me feel a bit better, but damn… my fingers did not help me out that day.

But again, I just pressed LAP and jumped on my bike.

112 Mile Bike – 5 hours 55 minutes

Three loop course. First loop, felt good, knew this was the time to just go and not hammer, that’s for the last lap.

Second loop… feeling good still, other than my lady parts… going into town there is a road of death… BUMPY BUMPY BUMPY.

So BUMPY the pictures were even blurry! LOL

Third loop… my tummy started to feel a bit off and my lady parts were screaming. Since my tummy wasn’t feeling that great I opted to stop at the special needs bag and pop an imodium. I had about 10 more miles of bike then finally the run. AND I was ready to get off the bike. I always am! lol


I am guessing that being in aero for almost 6 hours is why my lady parts hurt so bad… during training I wear cycling shorts and I also usually do some hills so get to be out of aero. I was also on my period so I am guessing I was more sensitive than usual too. I’m not 100% sure what was up but I was so uncomfortable. I tried riding way back on my saddle and that was pretty much the only time it kinda felt ok, so my positioning was off and it made me feel more uncomfortable. ughh

Also, my tummy was not happy… again, I have been fueling the same all year, maybe it was the extra gatorade.

I always finish with it Gatorade on my long rides so it should not have bothered me. I ate all my Honey Stinger Chews and I took in salt like a boss, drank plenty of liquids… something was off though. 


26.2 Mile Run – 4 hours 34 minutes

The RUN! YAY… or so I thought.

I just didn’t have it. My tummy didn’t feel great so I stopped at the first potty’s I saw and after that I was good to go!

BUT my legs didn’t go.

I tried to pick up the pace but I was just scooting along.

First half I managed to stay under 10 min miles… then the last half my feet started killing me and I slowed down even more.

This is probably the first marathon I have ever done where I felt so horrible but it wasn’t anything I could change. I just felt so tired and done.

As much as I could I tried to not let it get to my head and I stayed as positive as I could.

A friend said, MANDI! You’re the only one smiling! So I took that with me and kept telling myself, positivity is a performance enhancer – smiling relaxes the shoulders and helps you run.

Thank you Kristian for being an amazing coach. I know that I would have not been so head strong without your guidance.

As crappy and slow as this run was for me, I didn’t walk once! Only a few times did I even walk through aid stations. I was on a mission to finish as strong as I could on the day. I think this run may have been my strongest run even though it is for sure my slowest! If I can get through that, y’all better watch out for me on a good day! 🙂

As I pictured running through the finish line I thought about how I just wanted to collapse and finally be done! I replayed collapsing over and over in my head the last few miles!

BUT of course, as I finish I felt great, endorphins took over and I was just so happy to be done, and I still got under 12 hours! I don’t know why but that became my goal and I did it! So cheers to readjusting goals and staying in a positive head space.

140.6 11 hours 57 minutes

4 Ironman’s later & I am ready for number 5!

See you in Santa Rosa friends!!

Thank you to my amazing tribe of people who I call my friends, family and sponsors. I wouldn’t be where I am without you!

Alt Red

Tri Scottsdale

Kristian at Tri Specific

Honey Stinger