This past weekend… wait no, its been a couple weeks now… I got back from Arizona.
Ironman Arizona.
 I went out to see my Birdy become an Ironman.
Boy I wish I would have stood in line to sign up for 2014. It wasn’t until the plane ride home on the Monday afterwards that I started to regret it. So of course I get home, get online and start looking at the Ironman races I could do that aren’t sold out. Stupid Florida really limits my training… No hills to ride. Any suggestions on how to train for hills without hills???
Let me tell you, I might just sign up for one but for now I am reined in and only signed up for HITS Naples 70.3 in January.
7 weeks.
I’m so excited!!!
Back to Ironman Arizona…
It was amazing getting to see one of my best friends crushing ALL her goals out on the course. I was so proud, running around all day, jumping, cheering, enjoying the time with my other girlfriends that had come out to cheer also.
Ironman Arizona is a party.
And as I write that I kinda think it needs to be my “first 140.6 party.”
Here are some of the pictures of all the fun I had out on the course… 
They are so inspiring and motivating.
#lovethemtothemoon #ilovemytribe
The Bird Watchers.
Prepping our signs for the IRONMEN!
Then prepping the tents with FOOD…
Sorry if you got a squished bun! hehehehe
Dancing with Dominic…
He wasn’t even breaking a sweat out on that course!
Off to see them cycle their hearts out!
Love this shot of everyone just waiting.
Love waiting on my ironpeople 😉
 And yes.. Very Proud Of My Cheering Skills.
 Shawna KILLED it. So glad to call her one of my friends!
Ms. Erin aka Birdy was flying out there.
She crushed her goals.
And I cried. hahaha
Captain Todd Shoemaker crushing pavement and taking names as usual. If you think this man on his own is amazing… just wait until you meet his beautiful wife and kiddos! WOAH.
My girl Ashley, this was her first Ironman, she looked great out there and smashed that course!
So grateful to have been introduced to her, this woman has a lot of amazing adventures in her future!
Captain Shawn – “BlowUp or Throw Up”… I do believe he did neither!
Super proud of him, he had been having shin issues and still dominated that run. GO SHAWN!
My Cholla’s.
Doing what they do with all the joy and cheer!
And of course… the Man himself and I.
KED is the man behind the camera, every now and then I get him to come forward for a pictures 🙂
My love Julie and I.
Both of us were ready to have a glass of wine by the time this picture was taken.
The day ended perfectly with IRONMAN ERIN’S smile. 
I am so thankful that I got to come out and share this day with not only Erin but all the athletes, friends and family.
I feel like an Ironman already.
Thank you to my amazing friends who inspire me to always do more, do better and do it with a smile on my face!
I love y’all and cannot wait for more!!

Video Highlights from Ironman Arizona