This is my 7th race this year… and my 4th 70.3 distance, 2nd this year… how’d that happen?!?

I think I am enjoying life down here in SoFL…

There are races every weekend… which means #FOMO to the max for Mandi!!


As you all know, MandiRuns is on Team Zoot 2014!

Most everyone on the team here in the Florida area signed up for IM 70.3 FL…which in turns means I signed up about two months ago. I knew I would be able to get out there do ti BUT me being me I really wanted to CRUSH IT. Unfortunalty this race was not exactly planned which meant I was not 100% ready.

Haines City, Florida

Holy. Cowtown. Florida.

Packet pick up was easy… parking was tough! Not a lot of parking, keep in mind this is a small town.

Ironman always puts on a great event and makes it super easy to get your packet and we got a sweet swag bag 🙂


Stayed in a little ghetto motel…. I may have been scared so I slept tense… which called for the biggest neck kink ever when I woke up Sunday.

The starting line was cold but the water felt perfect! I was ready to go do work!


THE SWIM: 1.2 miles ~ 43:30 ~ (2:15 pace)

No excuses but holy hard swim. The water was perfect. The swim was an M (m for mandi!) which called for sighting…


Yep. It was painful. I am okay with that pace for all the turning and sighting I tried to do and not cry while doing it.

The swim was a little packed too… I felt like I was running over people… people were running over me. Not fun!

T1: 2:25

No wetsuit strippers? Waaaaa.

No worries. I GOT THIS!



THE BIKE: 56 Miles ~ 2:52:40 (19.46 mph)

And we are OFF!!! OMG. THE BIKE!

This was probably the best I have felt on the bike. I got into a groove right away and just stayed steady.

The first half was nice and flat with mostly a tailwind or a sidewind. I was loving life 😀


I even got passed by some guys I knew which made me smile, I love being on course with amazing athletes!! SO INSPIRING!

The last half of this ride starts to get pretty hilly with lots of up and downs – back and fourths – headwind – tailwind. You name it its gonna give it to you! I was happy that it wasn’t anything other than Florida hills though. (they aren’t really hills, but to this Miami girl they are!!)

I didn’t slow down too much and…

I got a PR BIKE TIME!!


T2: 2:11

THE RUN: 13.1 Miles ~ 2:00:38 (9:12 pace)

MandiRuns needs to learn to run! Hahaha.

This was a three loop course. HILLY. WHAT?!

I seriously was surprised at HOW hilly this course was. Hello Bridge training, I’m comin’ for ya!!!

It was hot, not too bad… normal Florida heat. That was okay with me. I love ICE and cold cola!!

Running is hard after having a great bike. It wasn’t my worst run but it was about 10 minutes off of what I wanted my time to be. I love the 1:50’s… just couldn’t pull it out Sunday.

My training needs to be amped up!! The courses worst part was under construction… yay!

HILLS and lose gravel/dirt,,, just what my quads and calves ordered #NOT

Thankfully again… the course support was amazing and the people racing. THE BEST.

I met more people on this course than all my other races combined!!! Who says social media doesn’t make you IRL friends!!

Feeling all the Instagram, Zoot Team and City Bike love was amazing and it saved my run from becoming VERY ugly!





No PR. No ER.
No BlowUp. No ThrowUp.

Just your average girl out there on the course trying to figure out what she is doing in this world.

For those 5+ hours I wasn’t thinking about anything other than that moment.

I love this sport. It makes me feel more like me =D


I need a coach… are you a coach!? HELP!! =D


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