I had me some goals… but goals don’t mean much if you don’t put all the work in.

I have been on the struggle bus of training and motivation.

My Training Peaks log has all the colors of the rainbow… lol

I’m super excited to take the focus off Tri’s for a few months and get my running in, I need a break from the colors of Training Peaks!

ANYWAYS… back to the race! I love racing <3

The swim was almost not wetsuit legal… woah, it was though thankfully… I swear whenever I feel like I am pushing I slog another average swim! hahaha

SWIM 36:39 / 1:54 m/100m / 8th AG

T1 was .4 miles long so I had myself a pair of shoes at the finish… cause of IMAZ last year… I dunno if you remember that picture of me but go look HERE

Off to the bike. I have learned to love cycling. This course was actually pretty great. LOTS OF turns…. 29 per lap x3 laps! BUT it is fast!

I felt good and I kept repeating Mr. World Champ himself Jan over and over… BE Strong. BE Confident. BE Grateful… I couldn’t remember the other one in the moment but these three are what I needed. (the other one was BE Present.)

My goal was to average 21 mph… almost! I was at like 20.6 mph which landed me a nice split and I came out of t2 in 2nd place in my AG – I was right behind 2nd place coming off the bike and passed her in t2… only took her a mile to catch me! #ahhh

BIKE 2:43 / 20.85 mph / 3rd AG

The run is usually my jam!

Happy to report… my gut is healing! and I had NO POOP emergencies!! Thank goodness! Yay for a new diet and supplements <3

Coming off that bike though my legs were tight. After about 3 miles I felt better then a few miles later I cramped up and by mile 11 my ankle was doing the weird cramp dance. lol

I took SO much salt.

Apparently I over biked, I know the cramps came more from my fitness level than my salt levels.

I watched all the podium slots pass by as I pushed as hard as I could.

I really wanted a 70.3 trophy but not today. Those ladies in my AG are badass and I’m always happy to fight hard and make them earn it!

RUN: 1:51 / 8:27 pace / 6th AG

6th place is still pretty awesome and I am happy with the day!


AND… guess what…

I’m going to New Zeland for the 70.3 World Champs in 2020 with some of the best teammates ever!!

Huge shout out to my Tri Scottsdale family. They are always cheering, pushing and inspiring the heck out of me!