Hello friends! It’s been a while! I have been slacking when it comes to my blog and I am ready to get back on track!

This race was not on my radar until my amazing sponsor Eternal Water mentioned that they are the official water of Iron Girl Triathlon, so I jumped on it and decided to take the trip to Clermont.

Clermont is about 3:30 hours north of Miami, quite the distance to travel for a race but I LOVE RACING!

One of my amazing friends I made from AZ now lives in Tampa and he decided to join the man and I and bring his amazingly sexy race wheels for Rosalita to borrow!


Rosalita looks good with fast shoes on! <3

I was super excited to get out there, swim with the gators, bike some hills and crush the run.


I love the beginning of races. There is so much electricity in the air. Nerves are boiling.


Then you see a familiar face!


I’m pretty sure I would know no one in this state if it wasn’t for social media, thanks IG! It was so awesome seeing & finally meeting @juharrington!

THE SWIM .5 miles ~ 15:38 min (2:00/100)

Then before we knew it we were off!
This swim was interesting… I felt like I was running over people and navigating around someone the entire time. It was not pleasant. I didn’t enjoy this swim at all but I made it. A LOT slower than I wanted but I didn’t drink the lake or get eaten my a gator!  #WINNING


T1: 1:22min

THE BIKE 16.2 miles ~ 48:56 min (19.9mph)

Clermont is know for being the only spot to ride HILLS in Florida. So I wasn’t sure how this would play out. I had hope for being a bit faster but as it was I averaged 20mph for rolling  hills and I am super happy! The ride was beautiful. The weather was perfect. I pedaled with purpose and got it done.


T2: 45 sec


THE RUN 3.1 miles ~ 23:17 (7:31)

This run felt amazing! Again the weather was cool and my legs were ready to rock. I didn’t get passed by one person! That is always a confidence booster! About a mile into the run I saw first place then 2nd place, who is the one and only Mickey Witte! So basically I got super excited to see her and stopped counting people in front of me… I love running into people I know! It gave me the boost I needed and I finished the rest of the race super strong…. Coming in 6min behind Mickey and in 3rd place overall!!

irongirl_mandiruns_finishline_1 ron-girl-mandi-runs-finish-third-place-top-finisher_1 ron-girl-mandi-runs-clermont-eternal-water_1

I didn’t know it at the time of course, so when we were looking up results at the finish I didn’t believe the guys when they told me I WAS 3rd OVERALL! #awesome!!

You bet cha I had to see it for myself!


FINISH 1:30.18


My award was handed to me by the one and only MEALS AND MILES Meghann!! #ladybloggerboner

ron-girl-mandi-runs-mealsandmiles-meghan-anderson-top-finisher-overall-clermont-fl_1 ron-girl-mandi-runs-clermont-florida-top-finisher_1

It was a great race and I am super grateful for my amazing sponsor Eternal Water who got me to the start line and helped me cross the finish line!!

Also a HUGE shout out to all my other sponsors that support me every time I hit the road: Kwazadilla.com, Zoot Sports, City Bikes Aventura and Skratch Labs!!