Tri Catching Cupid Reverse Sprint
Age Group – 1st Place
#ilovethispicture #showswhatagoofballiam #whysoserious
Overall Women – 6th Place

Run: 3.1 miles 23:06
Bike: 12 miles 45:58 (including both transitions)
Swim: 400 meters 9:20
NOW… on to the fun stuff!!

Woke up Saturday ready to freakin rock it.

Kitty cat, Mari, was ready for me to get out of the house so she could party.
It was a COLD day.
And I got this message from my girl Aimswa before we left…
Maybe a bit too enthusiastic at 4:54am?? 

All us racers getting ready for the super cold race! 

Lance did awesome, he got 3rd place in his age group for the kids triathlon!
After the kids race ended it was our turn!!
Aimswa and I trying to warm up.
The run went really well. 
I saw a girl that looked pro and decided I was going to keep up with her. 


 Most definitively PRed again for my 5k.
The Bike.
I’m not ready to talk about it.
Ran into transition… threw everything off/on and around!
Noticed that I was the first to grab my bike from the rack I was on 

OKAY then I got on the bike… well the bike and I are not friends yet.
It’s hard. Really hard. 
There was a headwind on each lap going each direction… maybe not but it felt that way!!!
I just kept saying “PEDAL WITH PURPOSE” over and over again
On the 2nd lap a girl with the age “29” passed me… 
I worked my butt off to stay with her… 
THANKFULLY she was a lap BEHIND ME!!!
Now I could #relax?? for the swim! 
I knew no one in my age group had passed me yet!
So probably 42-43 minutes once you take transition times off
The Swim.
I felt pretty good going into the water.
I knew I would do better than I did at Anthem on the swim. 
I jumped in #afterstrugglingtogetmyswimcapon… 
Instantly got a cramp in my right foot… 
So I just didn’t kick hard, it finally went away after 100 meters
THEN I got a cramp in my toe for the next 100 meters… then it too went away.
The next 200 meters I felt comfortable and started passing people and getting into my grove.
Finished in 9:20
Not the best time for sure but it was the fastest time in my age group!
Afterwards we froze waiting for the awards ceremony! 
The race was SO FUN!!!
I definitely recommend these smaller sprints, they are so fun!
Best part of the day is knowing I went out and gave it all I had.

I cannot wait for Barb’s race, but I am glad I have plenty of time to work on my cycling. 
After Ragnar Del Sol, the bike is going to become my major focus. . .

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