First triathlon of the season!

I decided to do Naples a few months back. After Miami 70.3 I was beaming with excitement about my triathlon career! Miami was a perfect race for me, just what I needed coming off of a tough year of injuries. HITS Naples however was not. I have no excuses now other than training.


I put A LOT of pressure on myself for this race. My goals were not too far off from what I could do IF I had put a bit more effort into training. My run is where I feel comfortable and I took that for granted while training. #lessonlearned

Life is all about experiencing. Learning. Growing. Experiencing. And then learning some more.

Thankfully I AM INJURY FREE. I am learning and growing.

This race was a humbling experience.

Okay, got that off my shoulders — I will tell you all about it now!

HITS 70.3

Did I ever tell y’all how much I LOVE TRIATHLON! =D #evenafterbadraces


Naples is beautiful. Florida is amazing. The water on the west coast of FL is still, cold (which means wetsuit!! ;)), breath taking. I LOVE IT

Sunset at the Naples Triathlon

I got to Naples Friday, the race is on a Saturday… which I think I LOVE. It makes the weekend last forever. I feel so accomplished and it’s only Sunday!

Got my race stuff and decided not to leave Rosalita at transition… It was raining and I’m not too sure about HITS. Thankfully Naples is super safe but if the race was in Miami NO WAY would I leave my babi Rosalita out there.

Headed to dinner, I had some amazing spinach, strawberry, goat cheese and chicken salad. IT WAS BOMB. Then headed to the hotel and slept like a baby. One thing I don’t have a problem with is sleeping. Dreams… well that is something else but sleeping I’m good to go!


Get to transition. Set up. I EVEN try on my helmet… you know just to make sure it is adjusted just right <<— very proud, very pro, right!

Head down to the OCEAN… yeah… T1 or my swim in gonna be a tad long… why? Well it is at least .27 miles (thanks Garmin)

Water looks perfect. I say no way. I’m not “warming” up in that cold water! Race D said water was around 68ish I SAY NO at least 59! hahaha

HITS Naples Triathon Swim in Swim starting line at the Naples Triathlon


 1.2 miles ~ 38:46 minutes

(official with running to the timing mat was 40:09)

AHHHH. THE swim was beautiful. My goal time. 38 minutes. I was happy. The waves were pretty much nonexistent which made for an amazing swim. EVERYTHING good about ocean swimming was that morning. It was cold enough to wear the wetsuit yet calm enough to swim like you’re in a pool. Swimming is still not my #1 sport but damn I am falling in love with it. I really love swimming in the ocean. This is the first time I really felt like I was okay with the salt water. It’s such a different experience swimming in salt water. I am beginning to love it! (I think I see a swim around The Keys in my future) 

So there you have it! I loved the swim! Right on goal… NOW T1… lets do this!

My Transitions have been a little slow in the past so I was VERY aware of them this race. It paid off. I had the fastest transition times in my age group for both T1 and T1 by a lot!! YAY Mandi wins something! 😉

T1: 1:24

out of the water at the Naples Triathlon coming out of the water at the Naples Triathlon Heading to Transition 1 at the Naples Triathlon


56 Miles ~ 2:50.30 ~ 19.8mph

I got Rosalita fit a couple weeks ago. She feels amazing now. I feel like I am a super fast rock star.

Yep. Got to remind myself NOT to push too hard.

I stayed with a woman the entire time. She would pass me. I would pass her… it was great. I may have gotten caught up in staying with her though. My legs felt great but I didn’t think too much about my next leg. The bike was a tad windy in places but overall it was a great day to be out there riding. I love it. I felt amazing. In all honestly I didn’t think I was pushing TOO hard.

Bike Course at the Naples Triathlon

On the Bike Course at the Naples Triathlon


UGHHHHHH. Okay. I promised but I lied. THIS PISSED ME OFF.

About 500 meters into my ride my visor on my aero helmet started acting funny….

YEP I LOST A SCREW. I didn’t even know there was a screw. I had NO idea how to take off the visor. I guess that is my fault. BUT ANYWAYS.

The visor was not going to work. So I pulled over, unclipped, and took off the helmet to try to get the visor off. When I couldn’t future it out and I was in a hurry so I ripped it off and stuck it in my back pocket and TOOK OFF.

I told myself to calm down, not a big deal. Who needs eye protection. I’M EFFIN MANDI.

IMG_0011 IMG_0010 IMG_0009 IMG_0008

More Bike Course at the Naples Triathlon

It was okay. I rode just fine. The sun wasn’t too bad. The wind wasn’t too bad. I made it. =D

I think I look pretty good too! LOVE THE NEW BIKE FIT!!

Great Bike Course at the Naples Triathlon IMG_8560

So. I pushed the bike. Felt good. Thought I still had 2 miles to go and HEY, dismount “line” I put line in quotations because there was NO LINE! What, come on HITS put some duck tape down. Make a line. I was later told that they gave someone a penalty because of dismounting too late… WTF. I would be pissed.

Any ways. My goal was 2:55, I got 2:50! BAMB. hahaha. #toohard


T2: 1:08 <<YEAH BABY!


2:11.52 ~ 10.09 min/mile

Ughhh. I am super disappointed in my time. I walked A LOT.

My thighs were on fire. Cramping. SO. BAD.

After 1.5 miles in I knew the bike killed my run. Bummer. It wasn’t until the turn around that I finally got myself to shut up a little and run more. BUT it was hard. This was the hardest half marathon I have done. Yes, it was hot. Yes, it was windy. BUT no excuses. I TRAIN in this. It is always hot and windy. I checked out way too soon.

I was out there running 13.1 miles with hardly any cheering (which I LOVE) and no porta potties! WHYYY I gotta have a portta potty at each aid station. I saw people pulling to the side a lot to go… but of course when I had to go I had no portta potty options. HEY not the first… not the last! hehehehe =D

As I was coming into the finish a bunch of college students passed me (they were doing the sprint the next day) and cheered me on and made me go a tad faster but I WAS DYING.

Run Course at the Naples Triathlon Almost to the Finish Line at the Naples Triathlon


70.3 ~ 5:46.10

It was not a PR day but hey I learned a lot. It was super humbling and I am ready to train my butt off.

Next up… Sprints. SPEED. LOTS of saddle time.

Finish Line at the HITS Naples Triathlon

Finish Line at the HITS Naples Triathlon

Thanks for all your support. It means the world to me.

I love y’all so much!!

Highlight Video from the Naples Triathlon

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