This past weekend the hubby and I took a lightening fast trip to Florida for a friends 40th Birthday party!


We stayed in Orlando with our friends that had just moved from AZ. Since we would be in Florida for only the weekend we wanted to get as much time with all the friends as we could. UltraTG lives on the coast so we were only about 2 hour drive from the party. The hubby and I have this dire need to drive way too much when we travel. 😉 Are we the only ones who do this???

Saturday morning we went for a lovely run in the beautiful 75 degree weather! The green trails are so pretty. I think I am ready to move, I could get used to that scenery any day! We did a nice and slow 5k+; just what the doctor ordered!

Seminole Wekiva Trail
Seminole Wekiva Trail

2 thoughts on “Florida on my mind

  1. Amazing photos!

    YAY for birthdays!


    even. when. they. are. not. mine!

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