After my fall Sunday… 
I FORGOT. #shame
I won a $50 gift card towards running shoes at Sole Sports!!
I love Sole, I bought my first pair of running shoes from them =D
THEN later Sunday night I got this…
YEP, I won an entry to the TORCHLIGHT 5K 
SO excited to race this woman… I mean chase!! =D

I didn’t want to post pictures from this race cause I look like death.
But at least that is how I was feeling too.
Running sick… well makes me look sick!

Just goes to prove. Take the bad with the good.
Bad: I haven’t ran all week… I couldn’t walk very well until yesterday.
I have a sprint tri Saturday, BUT I feel VERY confident I will be fine now 🙂 
May not be the best race ever but I am going to give it my all! 

One thought on “Fall down. Get back up!

  1. Ouch! But getting up again is the only thing to do. You usually feel the pains and niggles only much later. Nice 5k, well done! Enjoy the tri and weekend!

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