This is my second year doing E2M.

Last year this was my first #effinmiami race. This is the only race I have done twice!! Such a newbie!! 😉


Comparing last year and this years time is not as pretty as I would have hoped.

I have to say I was much more confident about this race and really didn’t think it would suck so badly! hahaha

But that is life and training. We win some and lose others.


THE SWIM 1.5K 37:25 (last year 33:23)

Holy a** kicked! I got stung by at least four Jellyfish and the current didn’t help my non-swimming arms at all.

Despite the horrible time and stings I did feel pretty good. I suppose whenever I am feeling good during a swim I need to push myself A LOT more cause holy cow I don’t think I’ve ever swam this slow!


T1 1:32 (last year 2:16)

THE BIKE 40K 1:16.49 (last year 1:17.29)

19.5 mph is not too fast but I am happy with it. We had to cross over bridges 8 times… and seeing that the ref’s were not loving me that day I got my first penalty going up a bridge too close to someone. I was not behind them but it took me more than 9 seconds to pass. Rules are rules I suppose, even on bridges.

Despite seeing my number being written down I pushed on and finished strong. Can’t stop me!

escape-to-miami-florida-bike-course-mandi-runs escape-to-miami-florida-bike-course

T2 1:01 (last year 1:37)

THE RUN 10K 52:04 (last year 52:18)

I love me some running and bridges! I really wanted to be under 50min. Yes it was hot… but it’s always HOT in #effinmiami!!

 I realize that I have so much more work to do. This was my second Olympic distance and it makes me see how much work I have. I love pushing myself and growing. I am always ready for it!


FINISH 2:48.49 (last year 2:47.01)



I had some crazy goals for this race. I didn’t achieve any of them. AND you know what… that is good! You can’t always be out there achieving every single goal cause that means you aren’t pushing yourself enough!

Thanks to my amazing sponsor Eternal Water who again got me to this race!


And a HUGE thanks to City Bikes Aventura, Zoot Sports, Skratch Labs and Kwazadilla! I wouldn’t be the athlete I am without these awesome supporters!!