So I haven’t really talked about the HUGE move across the USA.

In all reality my blog has taken a backseat to my life this past year. I have only really updated it with races or HUGE unhappy news (insert hip fracture here). As I have been sitting down writing out my goals and plans for 2014 and my blog is on the list. I love my online journal that gets shared with the “world.” I love being able to write about my experiences and share them. So… get used to me again, cause I’m back and I’m stronger than ever! 😉


Scottsdale to Miami is about 2350 miles.

The man and I have been talking’ about Florida since the day we started planning our wedding.   (we got married on a cruise ship that left the port in Fort Lauderdale, FL) 

Early this year we decided that we may finally be in a position to make that move. So… we finished all the renovations no our condo and put it up for sale. By June we were out of our newly renovated condo and living in a friends guest house ready to make our trek across the USA.

Many ask why Miami? Well to be completely honest it was the easiest choice. We had a place to go to and friends nearby. Miami has been a great starting point here in Florida. I feel as though I am starting to find my place in this busy town. Miami is full of life but a little busy for the small town girl deep inside me. By the end of 2014 we hope to be somewhere a bit more quite… we will see if that is moving more North or West time will tell.

The major thing I have learned about moving across country in the 4 months I have been here is that it is not easy.

Life isn’t easy, that’s what makes it worth it.

I love hard work. I was raised to love it. It is ingrained in me to never give up.

And you know what… this view makes it worth it.

Welcome to #effinmiami

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Wild Iguanas in Miami! Iguana Song!