This past weekend the #ChollaChicks were working hard raising money for the Vineman Charities!
There are about 8/9 of us doing Barb’s Race, 70.3, in July and each of us have to raise money for the charity to participate! 

We decided that it would be much more fun to do this raising money thing together…

Everything we sold was donated by our awesome friends & family! 
We had a FULL garage!
Friday night was spent…
Sign making
And funny face making!!
Can you guess which one I made!?
Saturday we set up shop… 
Snuggled trying to get warm.
Erin & I trying to keep warm with our awesome donations
About half way through the morning… 
it started RAINING!!!
#helloAZ #chollachicksheretryingtoyardsale
 We tested our “products”
Ab buster… busted Aimswa!
#no #notreally #wejustlove #tribemultisport
Baby was NOT for sale.
Cutest little guy ever… almost as beautiful has his mommy!
Ginger rocks, she rode the bike over with him =D
Then this guy came by… 
Erin was NOT successful riding the Segway… 
hopefully 70.3 goes a bit better than that!!
We did awesome and sold lots of stuff Saturday, but we still had more so we stood out Sunday too!
SUNDAY the weather was PERFECT!
Erin & I went and did SoMo Classic Hill Climb then headed back to SALE SALE SALE!!!!
I may have layed out on the drive way! 
#mandilikessun #sundoesntalwayslikemandithough
Sunday’s sale went great too and we made monies! 
This is was my FIRST garage sale
It was #interesting
BUT I ALWAYS have a blast with my Cholla’s! 
Raising money can be fun! 
If you happen to be interested in donating feel free to follow a fellow Cholla Chicks link… 
I have raised my amount so you can donate to them… OR me too! 
All the money goes to the same charity!

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