This past weekend I ran an easy 12 miles.
That’s right, I said easy. It is, if you break it up in your head.
And I am super good at breaking up!

I go out 6 miles… and if that is not easy enough I take a short little walking break every 2 miles!

How could you not enjoy running with this view!?
Squaw Peak in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona
I love running this way, it makes me focus only on a short amount of distance and I do not get over whelmed by the mileage I am doing.
I do think that I need to start running in a new place because I know where all the mile markers are now. It is starting to get old fast knowing exactly where I am and how much further I have to go!
On another note, I put my Christmas Tree up! I love the smell of a real tree and so do my cats!
 Merry Christmas everyone!

2 thoughts on “Breaking up, it’s easy to do

  1. YAY YOU!!

    YAY on “easy 12”. Love that!

    Love Squaw Peak!!


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