Author: Mandi

Coming off of my 4th Ragnar Relay I thought that I should finally give you some tips for running a relay race! Everyone in my van for Ragnar FL Keys w...

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Tips for Running a Relay Race

Every year since 2011 I say this is the LAST TIME I run Ragnar! Then you know what happens… THIS HAPPENS! The company I work for, Fitletic, is s...

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Ragnar Florida Keys 2014

One of the greatest things about the running community is how amazingly thoughtful and giving it is. My good friend Tommy won an entry to the Key West...

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Key West Half Marathon 2014

First triathlon of the season! I decided to do Naples a few months back. After Miami 70.3 I was beaming with excitement about my triathlon career! Mia...

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HITS Naples Half 70.3 ~ 2014

What do you end up doing with all the race shirts you get? Are they taking up your effin closet and you don’t even wear them?! I was having this...

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A Project For Old Race Shirts

Bike Ride to Southermost Point, Key West, Florida

BIKE RIDE IN THE FLORIDA KEYS I love living so close to the end of the USA. I love living by the ocean! I love cycling on these bridges…. NO. hahaha...

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Key West Cycling Fun

So I haven’t really talked about the HUGE move across the USA. In all reality my blog has taken a backseat to my life this past year. I have onl...

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Desert to Ocean


About a month ago I applied to become a part of Team Zoot 2014. Around the week of Thanksgiving I began to get excited. First of all I got this notifi...

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Team Zoot 2014

This past weekend… wait no, its been a couple weeks now… I got back from Arizona. Ironman Arizona.  I went out to see my Birdy become an Iron...

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Ironman Arizona 2013 Recap