I started running January 2010 – this was not a new years resolution… this was a NYE party foul! One of my girlfriends convinced me to sign up for the RnR San Diego Half Marathon… sounds fun right? I remember walking into Sole Sports Tempe and buying my first pair of running shoes. I was going to be a runner! Once I started training I immediately fell in love with the feeling of pushing myself beyond what I thought was possible. This is when Mandiruns was created. Looking back now I cannot imagine my life without running; how did I survive 24 years without running??

About 2 years later I got my first running injury, a bum foot. Good thing I had already met so many amazing athletes & friends on my running journey… I finally fell into the sport of triathlon. Without ever swimming more than what was required to pass my childrens swim school one summer I was caught in a lap pool with a good friend trying to figure out how to get to the other side with my face in the water! LOL! I was determined to do my first Sprint triathlon; so I signed up for adult swimming lessons. A few months later I toed the start line to my first tri, a reverse sprint! I won my AG by 1 second that day… I learned my first lesson in triathlon (and you could even say life lesson), every second counts.

2013 I became a triathlete! I completed my first 70.3 and my second… along with numerous other races. I had caught the tri bug and I caught it hard. Even after 5 years I still race at least once a month; something about racing gives me my purpose and passion. I love training, meeting new friends, and racing with a huge grateful heart and smile.

I have completed five 140.6 ironmans, thirteen 70.3 half ironmans and countless olympic and sprint distances. Triathlon is definitely become a part of my life more than I would have ever dreamt. I have met the MOST AMAZING friends through running/cycling/triathlon and cannot imagine my life without it. I am always ready for my next race and I love traveling the world to find it! Follow me on my journey – IG @MandiRuns

Championship Races:

Australia 70.3 World Championships 2016

Chattanooga 70.3 World Championship 2017

Kona Ironman World Championship 2017

-Mandi    tri@mandiruns.com