Name: Mandi Nilsen
Birthday: 11 September
Current location: Miami, FL
Hometown: Prescott, AZ
Height: 5’8
Favorite race: Miami 70.3
Pre race ritual: A new pair of socks!

I started running January 2010 when a friend convinced me to do a half marathon. Before then I was NEVER into running. I didn’t want anything to do with it… it was used as punishment for Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball & Baseball. But once I started training in 2010 I fell in love with the feeling and haven’t stopped since! The moment I crossed the finish line of that first Half Marathon in San Diego I knew running was for me!

Late 2012/2013: I did my first sprint Triathlon and I officially have the bug! I have completed four 70.3 distances, numerous sprints along with a couple olympic distances. Triathlon has become my passion! I have met the MOST AMAZING friends through running/cycling/triathlon and cannot imagine my life without it. I am always ready for my next adventure!

2014: I moved from Scottsdale, AZ to Miami, FL. It has been a huge adjustment but the stars are alined and on my side. I am so excited for 2014! I have been accepted to be a part of Team Zoot, the Elite Triathlon Team for City Bikes, Eternal Water Ambassador and Skratch Labs Taste Agent! These amazing sponsors make being a part of the triathlon community even better. Having these companies behind me help me to achieve all the goals and dreams I keep coming up with!

2015: What. A. Year. I had a kick ass early year. It was filled with Overall podiums & AG podiums at the larger races. This was to be my year of the IRONMAN ARIZONA. #myfirst… well that didn’t happen while out on a training ride early October I was struck from behind. It was about a month until Ironman Arizona. I missed my 70.3 in Miami and I was hopeful I could do the Ironman but my back was too messed up and I was not healed. Therefore… I am not an Ironman but I am alive and going to make 2016 my year.