What do you end up doing with all the race shirts you get?

Are they taking up your effin closet and you don’t even wear them?!

I was having this problem so I decided to take action and do something about it!

Here is my Race Quilt – Throw – Blanket whatever you’d like to call it!

Race Shirt Blanket

I only left out maybe 5/6 race shirts… I either forgot about them or wanted to “keep” them a bit longer 🙂

First of all… you need a sewing machine and some material.

I am NO expert. See… but I did it anyways, well kinda, my sister helped A LOT!

Race Shirt Blanket Project

Cutting up the Race Shirts for the Blanket Cutting up the Race Shirts for the Blanket

We decided that I wanted all the squares different sizes and we would figure out how to put them all together later…

I DO NOT recommend that. HAHAHAA

We made it work but it took a lot of brain power and the blanket is not very “straight.”

Laying out the Race Shirts for the Blanket Another View of Laying out the Race Shirts for the Blanket Finsihed Race Shirt Blanket

The best thing about this throw is that I got to spend hours with my sister making it.

I have the most amazing family and I am so grateful for them!!

Cutting up old race shirts for the blanket

Even Miss Mouse loves the throw!!

Miss Mouse loves the race shirt blanket

What do you do with your old race t-shirts?

Have I inspired you to do something with them now? Get on it, there are still a couple more days until Christmas… this would be a perfect gift!