Ragnar Del Sol 2011…
was the hardest 27 hours of my life! 
But I looked good doing it!

I don’t know why but I thought that Ragnar would be easy peasy. It would have been, if between my second and third leg I would have gotten more than two hours of sleep on a comfy bed… not on a hard gymnasium floor!

I signed up for Ragnar with a local shop, Tribe Multisport. They had two teams, Tribe Multisport & Tribe Multisport Too. I was placed on Tribe Multisport Too and all my friends were placed on the other Tribe team. Therefore I was a bit nervous not knowing anyone…

Amy, Me & Pam

But as it turns out RUNNERS ARE GREAT PEOPLE! I had the time of my life! We laughed, joked and partied in our stinky van the whole time!

I was runner 12 of 12. Loved it. Loved my van, each team had two vans full of six runners and a driver. I ran the fastest I have ever ran in a race environment and that defiantly took a toll on me but we were racing our other team, team one. I had to beat Team One, they were my friends! Annnd we beat them! It was awesome!

Our team did a great job, we finished 41st overall and 12th in our division!

I recommend everyone doing a relay of some sort at least once. It was a great experience and I will defiantly be doing it again!

2 thoughts on “27 hours of running – DONE

  1. Civil Twilight was awesome last night 🙂

    That’s awesome that were a driver… I almost think that may be worse than running because you have to deal with the stinky runners!!

    Thanks for checking out the blog!

  2. So, I was looking for Civil Twilight tweets after tonight’s show and found your blog, AND I also just finished Ragnar, but as a driver this time. (pregnant with my 5th) Anyway, thought it was cool to find someone with similar interests and a fun blog. Maybe I’ll see you at a race someday! 😉

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