I had been looking forward to this race the most! The entire course is in my hood. I run that course every time I go out for a run. I ride that street every time I go for a ride… I don’t swim in that bay! hahaha I might start now though! 🙂


Saturday I decided I would run to packet pick up because I could! It was awesome, just a quick couple miles and I was back home!!

Race Day morning I got to sleep in since I live so close (woohoo)!! I could get used to that 🙂

I am finally getting to see familiar faces around these races and it makes the day go so much better! I love racing with friends and I am slowly but surely gathering a few of them 🙂



SWIM .75k: 13:53 (1:45something pace)

Ummmmm looking up this pace I am sooo happy with this swim! Woah nelly. Masters 3 times a week might actually be paying off?! The swim was a crowed start and I was nervous about getting caught up in the mix but it went well… much better than others! I got in my groove pretty much right away and pulled along. Uneventful swim and only one weird looking white thing swimming around below me =D


T1: 50 seconds

Proud of that time! After the race I walked back where the bikes were racked and I was shocked at how far it was! Yay for fast transitions!!

BIKE 12 Miles: 38:12 (18.8 mph)

Windy. First encounter with an angry triathlete who wanted to rip my head off for slowing down after I passed her. (Cause I wanted to do that. I really wanted that slow bike time.) But then I also met two pretty amazing girls on the bike course. The good will always out weigh the bad for me. I love this sport. Cycling might be hard for me and especially with headwinds but I will keep that smile on my face and spin the crap outta my legs!! The wind around these parts is brutal sometimes… and I need to ride more. But you knew that 😉 I have been putting a bit too much drink mix on my bike and it made me nauseous so from now on only water in sprints… lessons learned.

T2: 36 seconds

Mandi kicked that transitions butt. I should be a transition queen or something. 3rd fastest transition out of all the women! 🙂

RUN 3.1 Miles: 23:31 (7:35 m/m)


The run is always hard and amazing at the same time. My stomach (story of the year) wasn’t happy. I almost vomited on the bike??? WHAT. But anyways I was hoping to make it to the finish line before I threw up… made it 500 yds from the finish line. Took a 30 second puke break then crossed the finish line.

 I had the fastest run time in my Age Group (even with my TU) but since I had such a sucky bike it didn’t matter and I was still 4 min behind #1 by the time I finished.


FINISH 1:17:03

2nd Age Group. 15th Overall Woman.


Miss Mouse even enjoyed the race too!! She can’t wait until next year!!!


2575 puts on an amazing race!!! The finish line has rice, beans, chicken, fruits, cookies, water and coke!!! It is so damn good and I look forward to finishing fast so I can eat up!!!

Thanks for another amazing race 2575 City Bikes!!! =D