Draft legal Sprint race…

Don’t be scared. There was 25 women who dared to toe the start line.

I live about 1.5 miles from the start so I had to do it. #comeon


THE SWIM; 750 – 14 min

Well normally my arms and body and legs don’t struggle so much to complete 750 meters but after all the ironman training I have stacked on this year my body just didn’t have too much to give.

The swim was a beach start so me being me, I got to belly flop into the water… lol my dolphin dive needs perfecting still! LOL

About 25 or so meters in, BOOM, someone smacked my goggles almost completely off my face so I had to stop and readjust… lesson learned for IMAZ I will be putting my straps under my cap. Other than that it was pretty uneventful… as I watched these speedy college girls break away from my old lady newbie swimmer self. LOL

I know I know… i’ve been swimming for 5yrs now… but this is the first year I have been consistent. Excited to one day be closer to the front pack.

My watch said the course was about 800 meters so that makes my swim 1:30 pace… heck yeah I’ll take that!


THE BIKE; 20K (3 laps) -40 min

If I thought I felt bad during the swim I was in for it on the bike.

The course was three loops and each one consisted of going up and over then back up and over Curry Rd, which is basically the only hill in Tempe. YAY! LOL

My legs felt my 100 mile ride the day before but I just told myself to shut up and ride… only 20K! This was a draft legal race, so I was feeling hopeful that I would be able to find someone to suck wheel off of… unfortunately only two packs of men pasted me and BOOM they were hauling ass… and I couldn’t keep up ;(

So I rode alone and suffered to myself.


THE RUN; 5k (2 laps) 23 min

Finally. My jam. Running. I felt good. My legs love running off the bike!

2 loops for a 5k is a bit mean though.

First mile I clocked a 7:01! YEAH!

The next two were 7:18, considering how crappy I felt on the swim and bike I was SO happy to be running fast!


Overall this was a fun race. I would love for more people to come out so I could draft a bit, but hey!

I was one of 3 old ladies in my AG and took the win!

But those college girls kicked my butt and had me 15/25 women!


Congrats to the Sun Devil triathlon team! They came away victorious, winning the 2018 USA Triathlon Collegiate Women’s National Championship that took place a few hours later!